Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love Just One

Love Just One

Pastor Gene recently challenged us with this. Rather than taking on the whole world, why don't we find one person and just love that one person. School is back in session and this is a perfect time to do something fresh.  Here are a few thoughts on that topic that might challenge us this week.

Jesus was all about relationships, and it seems he liked relationships with people outside the "church" more than he liked hanging around people inside the "church". I'm not knocking church people, because I am one... but Jesus had a reason when he set this example for us. Why not get involved in your kids schools, play sports in a community league, get to know your neighbors? Pick a few key ministries in the church and do them well, but pick a community service or group outside of church and get involved in it a couple of nights per month. Widen your circle. This will create the opportunity to find and love one person.

Trust me. He or she is out there and they need what you have. 
How about this- have a get together at your house and get to know your neighbors.

Salt only realizes its purpose if it gets out of the salt box and into the food it needs to season. You can’t influence people that you don’t even know.

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