Thursday, June 7, 2012

Single Ladies: BE A TIRE KICKER!

Single is always better than miserable. Patience will payoff. Don't ignore the red flags. You can be fooled for awhile, but eventually, a man's true colors will show up. Make a list of the virtues you want in a husband. Be true to your list!

There are plenty of good men out there, and those good men don't want a woman whose heart looks like swiss cheese because she gave it away to every guy who showed her some attention. There are plenty who will use you, abuse you and break your heart. Red flags will appear, giving you a hint to selfish motives, addictions, ungodly character and problems that you don't want in your life. Take your time! The minute you see the red flags, pull up stakes and move on! Don't ignore them. Don't try to fix them. Move on.
Plus: if you keep things on the friendship level, not giving away your love or emotions, you can observe how he handles life, money, relationships, work, and his most important relationship: HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!

If you are already dating someone, who you know is not the one, let today be the day to get out of this relationship. Be strong now: it will pay off later!

Don't ignore the red flags!

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