Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Compassion for the Enemy

Tonight I'm thankful for God's blessing. I'm meditating about passion for Jesus and compassion for others. There are the usual suspects on the compassion lineup: the elderly, the sick,  the poor, children, homeless, addicted, etc.....
But what about compassion for our enemies. Compassion for those who desire to harm us. Compassion for those who have hurt us, violated our trust, wrongfully used us, claimed to love us but didn't....

How do we have compassion for our enemies? How hard is it to be truly Christ-like and look beyond their faults and see their needs. How do we see that, if it were not for the abuse, rejection and hurt that had been inflicted on them... they may be our greatest allies. Even God's greatest allies.

I'm learning to trust God, pray for my enemies, and see them through the eyes of Christ. I know God loves them and only He can give me love for them. I pray that God give me strength to forgive them thoroughly and through that, compassion for their soul will grow.  It's a matter that I give to God and I know, it's a matter that He can handle.

He has big shoulders.

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